The natural rhythm of life

The natural rhythm of life-

The ebb and flow, the rise and fall🌊💙

The waiting game

The disconnect between expression and satisfaction spans the space from the heart to the mind….
How much do you deny yourself the freedom to thrive?

This life Is very blessed- simply by being life… That we forget, so sometimes we need to be reminded

…The things that we are passionate about, wether we are conscious of this drive or not, are the things that fuel our soul. Listen to these and make time for them- I love to write, and when I am living day to day and not finding time to write, to express, to connect, that is when I need to pause; re-evaluate how I’m Spending my time- and adjust priorities accordingly….

We get so caught up in doing we often forget how to just be. We become so consumed in going places, doing things that it begins to feel natural to move SO fast…it feels natural to be out of sync with the rhythm of life…modern society is on a time frame that does not account for the- the beat- or pulse that this planet has operated and thrived on long before we ever came along…. This natural pulse that I strive to function within is something I realized that I have become out of sync with-

It’s a bit ironic I guess that in my quest to slow down I have begun to move too fast. Work with out intention will consume you- and quickly steal you from your connection to eachother and our interwoven Web with Mother Nature…

Have you ever found yourself so caught up and focused for something “big” that’s coming that you are completely vacant from the present and miss of of the moments happening Now!?

A yoga lifestyle and zen masters like Thich Nhat Hahn remind us the importance of slowing down and living in the moment “our true home is in the present moment, to live in the present moment is a miracle”


Only once we allow ourselves the time to
Slow are we able to realize how very rapid everything is zooming about. And this accelerated pace of go-go-go,
Work, work, work is exhausting. Perhaps that’s why travel and time spent with friends, enjoying walks and good company. Are so important. Because it brings us into the present.
It allows us to live in the “Pause” between the “big” life events and really truly enjoy every single breath- without which- we wouldn’t be alive.

What a shame it would be for me to
Move to Costa having completely missed
Out on on my last few months here—there is so much love, and so many things to be grateful for right here in my own home town. This work, that I get to do, the waves I get to surf, the friends who i am able to share love with:)…

Although work will be full steam ahead until I go, a mindfulness around my job, and a gratitude and happiness have changed my attitude and provided a new enthusiasm in the days left before i head off to Costa Rica…  and where to from There who knows?!?

… these last few weeks have been so full of visitors and full moons dances, and bubbles for win!!!👯🌊🌈✨🔵🤓🦄

So wherever you find yourself today, take a moment to ask yourself….What is your purpose?

What is your intention for your actions?

And have you taken the time to tell your loved ones how truly valuable they are:) in times like these of war and hate we so desperately need to share love and kindness and give to eachother with all our beings. So take it slow and let the mystery of life unfold as naturally and without expectation but full of love and wonder 🌻❤️☀️ Have a happy day:)

Your salty and sunkissed mermaid