Wider circles: More love- More life

Home. Within my self. I arrive at the airport πŸŒŽβœˆοΈπŸ’¨

I am exposed. Here I am. Raw- sharing with you the most pure unedited version of my self ❀️
I am exposed. Here I am. πŸ™‚ Raw- sharing with you the most pure unedited version of my self ❀️

I Spend my 1st few days in Costa Rica in the out skirts of the city, enjoying lazy days in curridabat and nights out with friends in Escazu. And the journey begins

So, here’s the situation.
You are at anothers mercy….
So. there’s the situation.

Starts and ends there- time is a concept that is relative. When you are in a hurry to be somewhere you miss out on what’s happening now. And the slowing begins.

I suppose it’s not always about me. Quite the lesson to learn (or be reminded of) sitting out side a club next to an ash tray at 1 am after a day of traveling and a night of being in a foreign Country listening to a cover band singing American classics. Not to down play that the band that was actually pretty good, I’m just exhausted! 😟😟

Yet, as I sit here typing. I can do nothing but smile. The irony of life is beautiful. I can make you bitter, or inspire you to find the lesson…

Have I mentioned I’m In Costa Rica?!?!?

I have the ability to think, to process information and to LOVE (hello Amaazing)- the privilege of breath and the power of Choice and access to freedom to live and be as I choose. Amen to this.

On an even more positive note… Waiting at the mercy Of this human, I was able to recognize the prevalence of nature EVERYWHERE … I skip across the parking lot in the dark of night, clump up on the base of the lamp post And meet a tree!!! 🌴🌴 (A beautiful happy healthy palm at that) pet its leaves, speak to it…pause long enough Β to be grateful for all the beauty around me, the rain & the greenery the life…. Regaurdless of the fact I’m ready to go home- I Smile on, and breathe In this moment.

Moving forward, Moving on…Away from the nasty Nauseating ash try (which happens to be right next to the only seat out side) and back to the bar, I suppose if you can’t beat em join em.

-pura vida πŸ™

More travels, more stories, more
Love. Stay human. Keep smiling. Let the universe do its thing.
Let go or be dragged- Zen Proverb

Although my heart and my intentions for my time here in Costa are to be in nature, in the waves, practicing yoga, teaching and sharing love, these few days in San Jose (a huge massive congested city) had been the most magical transitions/ buffer ever. And most importantly a reminder…. A reminder that no matter where on the planet you go, That life is life, and people are people. We are ALL beautiful divine lights Living, loving and doing our best to survive, or thrive and make sense of this human experience.

I’m most grateful to my beautiful friend Kathy – allowing me to live like a tico in the city, local bars, local food, home cooked breakfast, new fruits?!?.➑️➑️➑️

Nature is cool!! :)
Nature is cool!! πŸ™‚

image Mamonchino – What a mamonchino my Mom asks, What does it taste like…well, It’s sweet. And when you break the shell off it looks like a clear hard boiled egg inside, almost gelatinous, but a bit more solid. With a seed in the middle that looks like an almond -So rad! Nature is fascinating πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
…and back to my hostess with the mostest- grateful for thundery rainy afternoon naps with the cutest sweetest puppy in town. image imageThank you kind woman… Keeping me grounded. Widening circles. Connecting seemingly unattached elements. We truly are one… And as Mr. Marley so famously says. “One love. One heart. Let’s get together and feel alright.”

Rise in love sweet humans. Stay stoked. And share love-all love all the time-
With blessing,
your salty and sunkissed mermaid πŸ™βœŒπŸ½οΈβ˜€οΈπŸšπŸ¬
Pura vida

oh. And in true Katie fashion. This also happened

Pretty fab way to enjoy the day. Found myself some organic vino and local made chocolates 🍫🍷 More of this to come πŸ˜‹ Life is delicious !
Pretty fab way to enjoy the day. Found myself some organic vino and local made chocolates 🍫🍷
More of this to come πŸ˜‹
Life is delicious !

Next adventures… Bus rides And Biolley. My friend malo And some real living… Off to a “small section of the world” (google it 😘) and the slowing continues….

6 Replies to “Wider circles: More love- More life”

  1. I love the way you stay true to yourself. Your intuition and your heart will guide you, whatever you do. Love will guide you, too, and you will know what you need to do and what is right for you. Rock on mermaid gypsy!


  2. This is amazing!! And so are YOU. You are so loved, my dear sweet friend! I can’t way tot hear more and more stories of your adventure. XOXOXO


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